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Guest Story – Known Strangers – Short Romantic Stories

Hard online trading platforms eight months have elapsed by now. Aditi stays separated from Sekhar with Rohan, her three year old son. Aditi had to be strong enough to take such a firm decision when nothing was really working fine between her and Sekhar. She had been trying for a decade almost to adjust with the robotic IT Manager, but of no use. And that was one wrong decision she had taken when nothing could she fight back anymore to stay under the same roof along with her machinelike husband. Kind best trading platform in south africa of experimentation, …

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Guest Story – The Photograph – Short Fiction Story

“Oh GOD…the room best trading platform south africa is a mess again. No mom. Not again. Please try to understand that the photo you are searching is not there in this house. So please mom don’t make a mess of everything and give me more work. I can’t clean this up. It’s tiring”. Jenny spoke as she wondered where she should start the cleaning up. The papers from the files in the rack lay in all directions. The clothes from the closet were thrown everywhere in the room. 10 year old Ryan’s toy basket was …

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Guest Story – The Email – Short Fiction Stories

With her usual morning cup of coffee in her hands, Payal sat in front of her computer and opened her email. She looked at the watch. It was 7 am, still two more hours to report to office. Plenty of time. This was the advantage of staying alone, she thought, no responsibilities of marriage, no baggage of duties towards husband and children. She had all the time to herself. Of course, deep down she knew this was just her own way of consoling herself, making herself feel better, for not …

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Guest Story – The Unspoken – Short Fiction Story

“I don’t know Ma, how to bridge this gap between father and son. I die every day to see it all happening in front of my eyes”. A sobbing Shyamali explained to her mother on the phone. But interrupted by the sounds coming from the living room she hung up hastily.
“You little brat, what are you? You still are too small to teach me ways of life. I have spent last 25 years of my life, serving for this country”. Pointing a finger towards his son, Retd. Col Singh shouted …

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Guest Story – Instant Relationships – Short Stories Online

The CNBC channel had organized an investor meeting for the 4th of January. Being an avid investor in the stocks Raj decided to attend the meeting. Destiny played its part he had a beautiful neighbour Aditi who was an avid investor in the stocks herself. They hit off instantly with the initial talks veering around stock markets and their portfolios.
The very next day, Aditi found a message from Raj, “the markets seem to be going up, which stock do you recommend.”
Aditi replied, “Infosys obviously.” And she rattled off the numbers …

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Guest Story – Father & Son – Short Fiction Story

When will he throw away his toys in the basement? When will he start differentiating between what is right and wrong? When will he grow up? The answers don’t come swiftly for a learning father like me.
“Papa, why do those birds sing early in the morning?” my six years old Christopher Columbus asks me with a hand full of chocolates and a mind full of questions. I put in the picture, “Because they know you don’t have an alarm clock to wake you up for the school.” His dancing eye …

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The Ice Blade

“Oh! What a bother and that too in the morning,” thought Rohit as he put the alarm on his cell phone back to snooze mode. The holidays had just started for him and yet his mother insisted on him putting up an alarm for eight in the morning, knowing fully well that he was not going to get up so early. He snuggled up to his pillow. However, he found that he was only lazing about on the bed as sleep eluded him. Fed up of lying on the bed …

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Book Review: Corporate Atyachaar By Abhay Nagarajan

“George Pattison once said, “ it is better to fight for something than live for nothing.” Corporate Atyaachar is one such story of a young graduate freshly out of grad school who learns the nuances of the business world bit by bit fighting each day. The author Abhay Nagarajan paints a colorful picture of the life of a young 24-year-old recruit his trials and tribulations and his tryst with an irksome, self obsessed narcissist boss.
Armed with a bachelors degree from Shri Ram College of Commerce and a masters in finance …

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Guest Story-Maybe there is a Father Christmas!

Anna stood wistfully staring at the sky whilst dear little Molly, just three years old, looked up at the pretty doll with beautiful long blonde tresses in the window of the toy shop on the edge of town. “Mummy” Molly said, “that’s the doll I would like Father Christmas to bring me”……… a tear rolled down Anna’s cheek…., seen only by the moonlight………… she knew that it would be impossible for her to buy poor little Molly anything this year. They were supposed to start a new life in Spain …

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Guest Story-The Church of Rogaine

The hair restoration television commercial begins with the announcer asking, “Men, is your life missing something?” Bald men sulk in front of mirrors, trying on baseball caps and running their hands through thinning or non-existent hair. Then they dramatically hang their heads and shake them in defeat.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ television commercial begins with the announcer asking, “Is your life missing something?” Housewives, elderly folks, and young urban professionals sit in their cars, rocking chairs, and behind their office desks. They look beaten down by …

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Guest Story-Romance Of Painting- The legend of imagination

My eyes were drawn to one of the paintings are displayed neatly in front of me. Today is Thursday, right in the month of August in 2011. I walked to one of a very dark room, my feet stepped on something, I’m surprised, I turned around and lowered my head, look over there a middle-aged woman who was painting. I’m confused as to why in this dark room there was a woman who paints only with a speck of light candles in front of him. I did not dare approach …

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Guest Story – To you…. my love

Today is 3rd of June. Two years back , this day Aru was with Meenal. It was her birthday and just 2 days later was Aru’s birthday. Since last few years they had been celebrating both of their birthdays together on the same day. They had outed the whole day, had a beautiful candlelit homemade dinner.
But today Aru is all alone. He has just returned from the Village hospital. Tired and exhausted he lies on the cot of his small quarter. He tries to dose off, but thoughts keep propping …